Do You Own Your Failures?

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I’ve noticed two interesting things about average achievers; perhaps you’ve noticed them too. What I’ve noticed is this:

Their success are something that they achieved.
Their failures are something that happened to them.

You can always pick these people out of a crowd. They’re the ones saying:

“It’s the election.”
“It’s the economy.”
“It’s the market.”
“It’s the workforce.”
“It’s my unreliable suppliers.”

Are these things all factors? Sure they are. But given these exact same factors, there are some who succeed wildly and ...

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Do You Have a Vision or Do You Have a Sleep Aid?

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Motivational Speaker Bill Stainton
Typically when organizations hire me it’s because they want to produce results—more results; better results. (Although occasionally it’s because they really like the Beatles, and in that arena, I’m “the guy.”) One of the first questions I’ll ask them is, “What’s your Single Shared Vision?” The responses vary:

  • “To be the best.”
  • “To make money.”
  • “Umm…errr…duh…. What was ...
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Change is NOT Hard, and I Can Prove It

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“Change is hard.”
“People hate change.”
“Change stresses me out.”


As a professional keynote speaker, I’m on the road a lot. I speak to associations, organizations, and businesses across the country, and everywhere I go I hear people whining about change.

“Things are changing too fast.”
“I don’t adapt to change well.”

None of it’s true, and I can prove it:

  • If ...
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The Simple Depth of Mr. Rogers

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award-winning performanceI was flipping through the TV channels last night, trying desperately to avoid any Kardashian-related programming, when I came upon a breath of fresh air. It was a PBS biography of everybody’s favorite neighbor, Fred Rogers, who left us in 2003. I only managed to catch a few minutes of this show, but in it I heard a quotation from Mr. Rogers that I hadn’t heard before:

It is my firm ...

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The Key to Producing Great Teams

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award winning teamsSince my job is to help leaders produce seriously award-winning teams, I’m exceedingly (some would say irritatingly) interested in what makes great teams tick. Turns out I’m in good company! The folks at MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory have been working on this question for some time now, and they’ve come up with an answer. A single answer.

The MIT researchers ...

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The Tao of Reading

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I was struck this morning by a LinkedIn posting by my friend and colleague Eileen McDargh. Here’s what she wrote:

Get in control by reading only what matters. And what matters concerns your business, your future, your soul.

Another friend and colleague of mine, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, was famous for saying:

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and ...

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