All of Bill's keynote programs are customized for you and your attendees. And since Bill is both a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and a winner of 29 Emmy® Awards for Entertainment, you can be assured that his keynote for your attendees will be energetic, enlightening, and very entertaining.

Really, the only question is: Which keynote is right for you?

Turning Creativity into Money™

A keynote on Innovation. Attendees will discover Bill's Lights! Camera! Action! process for generating, evaluating, and implementing breakthrough ideas.

Connect the Dots

A keynote on Creativity. Bill will debunk several myths about creativity, and show you how you and your team can come up with dozens of creative ideas—on demand!

Crunch Time

A keynote on Producing Under Pressure. Bill and his team excelled in the high-pressure world of broadcast television. In this keynote, he explains why "rising to the occasion" is a myth, and demonstrates how you can perform at your best when the pressure is on.

It's Showtime!

A keynote on Leadership. Bill led his team to more than 100 Emmy® Awards and 10 straight years of #1 ratings. Producing outstanding results in any field is like producing a TV show—and it all comes down to 3 simple things.

The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made...and Why You Should Make Them Too!

A keynote on Becoming the Gold Standard. Attendees will experience an interactive musical walk down memory lane. Along the way, they'll discover what a seriously award-winning team looks like, and what it takes to lead them.


Bill REALLY delivered! Our members were thanking us for bringing him in and had a fantastic time, while enjoying real, honest, and workable takeaways they could implement the minute they walked out the door. Bill did more research on our organization, members, and city than any other speaker we have had. From the beginning to the end, our members were participating, laughing, and learning. It was a FANTASTIC experience!

Amy Beadle Central Illinois Customer Service Association