“You took the near impossible task I gave you and parlayed it into the best program my group has ever seen. I knew this could be a hard crowd to please, but you had them at hello! It was a resounding success, as evidenced by the enthusiastic standing ovation at the conclusion. We are all still talking about your perfect keynote!”

~ Vivian Landrum
Executive Director
Decision Sciences Institute

Top 12 Reasons to Hire Bill as Your Keynote Speaker


Bill is the only speaker who has won 29 Emmy Awards for Entertainment — so you’re going to hear plenty of laughter from your attendees!


Bill brings 20 years of real-life corporate leadership experience to every program. His strategies and ideas aren’t just theory — they’re field-tested and proven!


As an opening keynoter, Bill fires up your attendees and puts them in a great frame of mind for the rest of your event. They’ll walk into their subsequent sessions energized, receptive, and eager to learn.


As a closing keynoter, Bill ties it all together, reinforces your themes, and generates enthusiasm (and attendance) for your next event.


Bill shares “inside” stories about people he’s met and worked with — people your attendees know and like. People like Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Nye the Science Guy — and even members of the Beatles!


Bill truly customizes each program — often incorporating your attendees’ own success stories — to make sure his message is relevant and on-target.


Bill has great keynotes and great breakout programs, so you can get way more value for your investment!


Rather than being a distraction, Bill’s movie star good looks actually enhance the educational and entertainment value of his programs!*


Bill’s programs are consistently among the highest-rated at national conventions and association meetings nationwide.


Meeting professionals just like you routinely say that Bill is one of the easiest-to-work-with speakers they’ve ever hired.


Bill is both a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and one of fewer than 185 current members of the Speaker Hall of Fame.


Bill’s programs create buzz before, during, and after your event. They are an experience — an experience your attendees will remember and talk about!

*Please remember that “movie star good looks” is a subjective term. Very subjective. Also, please remember that, technically, Yoda is a movie star.

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“People were referring back to your program throughout the entire conference! You delivered everything I could have asked for and more. And the standing ovation you received is a testament to how much the audience appreciated you!”

~ Derrick Eberle
Conference Chair
American Society of Landscape Architects