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Spark Creativity by Connecting the Dots – Seattle Business Magazine

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As a motivational speaker with actual business experience, I’m often asked to contribute a blog, article or tidbit to this or that publication.  Providing my time allows, I’m always glad to do my part.  Here is my column from this months’ Seattle Business Magazine. This is their CEO Adviser Column, a regular feature.

In every industry, the company with the next great idea wins.

That means, of course, that in your industry, the company with the next great idea wins. The only ...

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Do You Own Your Failures?

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I’ve noticed two interesting things about average achievers; perhaps you’ve noticed them too. What I’ve noticed is this:

Their success are something that they achieved.
Their failures are something that happened to them.

You can always pick these people out of a crowd. They’re the ones saying:

“It’s the election.”
“It’s the economy.”
“It’s the market.”
“It’s the workforce.”
“It’s my unreliable suppliers.”

Are these things all factors? Sure they are. But given these exact same factors, there are some who succeed wildly and ...

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