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Learn how to come up with INNOVATIVE solutions to the new challenges you're facing RIGHT NOW… even if you don't think you're naturally innovative!


Bill delivered more energy, engagement, and sheer value in a 20-minute virtual program than many speakers do in an hour, in-person! He combined real-world experience, compelling stories, and engaging activities to create an immediately-applicable program on innovation that got rave reviews from our members!

Beth Knox President, Seattle Sports Commission

Create An Innovation Experience — VIRTUALLY!

In a crisis, you need innovative ideas and innovative solutions.

But you can't just get together with your team around the conference table. Not anymore.

So what do you do? Stop innovating?


You create an Innovation Experience. Virtually. An experience that will give you and your team the tools you need to find those innovative ideas and innovative solutions.

Your team WILL KNOW how to be more innovative.


See if a virtual program with Bill is right for your team. Schedule a free 20-minute Innovation Strategy Session.

In times of uncertainty, innovation is

more important than ever!

This is what we're hearing from leaders like you:


"We know we need to do things differently now, but we don't know what those 'different things' are. What is our 'new now' supposed to look like?"


"My team feels overwhelmed, and morale is a big issue. How can I re-engage them and move us forward at the same time?"


"What we need more than anything right now is good ideas, but that's easier said than done. Where do we look for them and how do we find them? Those are the questions I'd really like to have answered!"


Excellent program on innovation! Bill totally understands how to engage the audience while he's speaking in a video meeting—something that's not at all easy to do!

David Woodward President, American Consortium of Universities

Whether you're looking for innovative new ways to serve your clients, customers, and/or members (whose situations and needs may have changed drastically), or you're trying to re-think your own business in an uncertain time, there's good news:

Innovation is a skill that you and your team can learn — even when you can't get together physically!

About Your Innovation Strategist,
Bill Stainton

Bill's Virtual Innovation Programs show you and your team exactly how to generate valuable, innovative solutions to the new challenges you're facing right now.

As the Executive Producer of Seattle's legendary comedy TV show Almost Live!, Bill and his team had to invent a new show every single week for 15 years. In other words, they had to learn how to be innovative — on demand — in a competitive and ever-changing environment.

Sound familiar?

And they were good at it! How good? Bill won 29 Emmy Awards for his innovative work; all told, his team won more than 100.

Through innovation, Bill guided his team to unprecedented success. Why not let him guide your team as well?

Innovation in 3 Steps:

People overcomplicate innovation. Or, even worse, they think innovation is just for the "gifted few." The truth, though, is that innovation is a natural process that comes down to just 3 steps.


Step 1: Ask the Right Question

Because while the wrong question can lead you down a rabbit hole and waste a lot of time, the right question can completely reframe things and provide a kind of clarity that immediately starts unlocking dozens of great ideas!


Step 2: Go Treasure Hunting

Innovation is all about connecting things in a way that nobody else ever has before. These "things" are the treasures — and they're all around us! All you and your team have to do is learn how to look for them.


Step 3: Connect the Dots

Once you've found the "treasure," you have to be able to see the connections that everyone else (including your competition) misses. In other words, you have to connect the dots — because that's when the breakthroughs happen. And there are some simple techniques to help you do this.

When your team knows this 3-step innovation framework, they'll experience:

More Ideas

When it comes to innovation, quality is a function of quantity. The more ideas your team generates, the greater the chance that one of those ideas will lead to the breakthrough. Bill's programs show your team members how to generate lots of ideas!

More Solutions

Your team will come up with more solutions, because they'll know exactly how to look for them and where to look for them. And, because they'll be looking in places most people would never think of, you'll be better positioned competitively!

More Engagement

Your team may be experiencing a decrease in morale during this uncertainty — which can lead to a decrease in engagement. But when team members are working together to create innovative solutions to a common challenge, morale and engagement actually increase!

More Optimism

During a crisis like this, it's common for people to feel a little helpless, like they've lost control over their world. But once they take control of their future through positive innovation, they start to feel better about that future. And wouldn't some optimism feel great right now?


Which option is best for you?

Virtual Innovation Programs

Shot of Innovation

If you want a quick burst of innovation during your next virtual team meeting, why not bring Bill in for 29 minutes to spark an "Innovation Jam Session"? Bill will introduce a quick, immediately actionable innovation technique, and then put your team to work applying that technique directly to the challenges you're facing now!

Virtual Innovation Programs

Virtual Deep Dive

Looking for a more extensive program to help build a long-lasting culture of innovation? This multi-phase Innovation Deep Dive focuses your team on specific challenges that you determine together. Steps include:

  1. Video Overview
  2. Live, Hands-On Workshop
  3. Dedicated Resource Page
  4. Follow-Up "Results De-Brief"

Innovation Keynote

When it's time to get together again in-person (happy dance!), welcome your team back with an energetic, entertaining, and enlightening innovation keynote by multiple Emmy winner and Hall of Fame speaker Bill Stainton. More than a keynote: Bill's programs are an experience that your attendees won't soon forget!

Discover Which Option Is Best For You

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Your presentation was stellar — not just because it was substantive and compelling in its appeal to intellect — but also because it was creative, fun, high energy, and tailored to our audience!

Randall Allen Kansas Association of Counties

You might be home, but you're not alone

As we start to emerge from these unprecedented times, we can see that the world has changed — and will continue to change. These changes require innovative ideas and innovative solutions. That can be scary. But it's also vitally important. Too important to leave to chance. The good news is that you don't have to. I can help you give your team the innovative jump start that they need in order to move through the uncertainty. To find out if one of my programs is right for you and your team, just schedule a free 20-minute Innovation Strategy Session. You've got nothing to lose — and everything to gain!

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