How to  Plan an Innovative Virtual Event

Welcome to this 5-part series, How to Plan an Innovative Virtual Event. In the summer of 2020, I was the co-producer of the virtual, 3-day annual convention of my trade association, the National Speakers Association. In this series, I'll share with you five innovative things we did that got the best response from our attendees. Hopefully, you can adopt and adapt these ideas for your upcoming virtual events!

video #1

In this video, you'll discover how we were able to provide HUGE value to our members for three full months leading up to the main event!

video #2

This video is all about the different presentation styles we featured in our virtual event — both in the breakout sessions and on the "main stage."

video #3

In this video, you'll discover one of our attendees' biggest fears about a 3-day virtual conference — and how we designed our programming to completely eliminate that fear.

video #4

In video 4, you'll learn how we solved one of the most challenging — yet crucial — elements of any major virtual event: building networking opportunities.

video #5

This video is all about contingency plans — why you need them, what kind of plans we put in place, and how our pre-planning saved our bacon when something went wrong!

Bill delivered more energy, engagement, and sheer value in a 20-minute virtual program than many speakers do in an hour, in-person! He combined real-world experience, compelling stories, and engaging activities to create an immediately-applicable program on innovation that got rave reviews from our members!

Beth Knox

President, Seattle sports commission

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