Quick Tips from Bill on Leadership, Creativity, Teams, and Change


How to Lead When Things Go Wrong (2:23)
3 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Leader (4:43)
How To Lead Like a Symphony Conductor (3:26)
What Does This Super Bowl Champ Say About Limitations? (2:14)


7 Reasons Why Your Shower is an Idea Booth (4:29)
A Simple Creativity Technique (2:37)
To Lead Creativity, Create a Team of Dots (2:46)
Get Away to Get Creative (1:48)


Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want With Your Team (2:33)
2 Reasons to Let Your Team Fight (3:16)
How to Engage a Team Member in 7 Seconds! (2:30)
How to Lead a Smarter Team (1:22)


The #1 Reason Most Change Doesn’t Last (3:24)
Why Do We Fear Change? (3:03)
Refocus On Your Core Strengths (3:09)
Is This Why You Aren’t Creating Lasting Change? (2:26)