The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made!

How to Become the Gold Standard in Your World

The Buzz of the Beatles — at Your Event!

What does a seriously award-winning team look like? What does it take to lead them? And, ultimately, what does it take for your team to really make it to the top? Why not find out—and have some fun along the way!—from one of the most successful teams ever?

The Beatles are the Gold Standard for success in their industry. How can you become the Gold Standard in your industry?

In this entertaining, energizing, and enlightening keynote, 29-time Emmy Award winner, Hall of Fame speaker, and internationally-recognized Beatles expert Bill Stainton combines music, video, and hilarious audience interaction to help you take your own team to the “top of the charts!”

Key Takeaways
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  • Discover what John Lennon did at age 16 (that most of us avoid like the plague!) that triggered the Beatles’ success.
  • Understand what “The Cool Test” is, and what it means for your team’s engagement.
  • Learn the simple question that will show you where to focus 80% of your effort.
  • Find out how the Beatles stayed ahead of the competition every step of the way—and how you can too.
  • Realize why nothing else matters unless you model the Beatles in this one crucial discipline.