Take Your Innovation for a Walk

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If you want to boost your creativity and increase your innovation, do what 200 of the greatest inventors and innovators in history did: take your innovation for a walk.

If you're a video person, I lay it all out in the video below. If reading is more your thing, skip the video and hop straight to the transcript below!

Hey there, Bill Stainton here with Turning Creativity into Money™, and today I've got an easy way for you to boost your innovation—to boost your creativity. What is it?

Take it for a walk.

Take your innovation for a walk. Turns out that innovation loves walking.

I mean literally—take it for a walk, go for a walk. There's, there are few things you can do that will boost your creative output as much as taking a walk.

A recent study out of Stanford shows that taking a walk can increase your creative output by up to 60 percent. That's a huge return on investment, and it doesn't cost you anything. It's completely free, and you can have a 60 percent increase in your creative output. That's huge!

Another study of 200 of the world's most, most creative inventors and innovators throughout history, shows that the one trait they had in common was they took walks. Turns out that your innovative brain is kind of like a golden retriever: it loves going for walks!

So indulge it. Take it out for a walk. Again the return on investment is going to be huge.

And you know this is true. I'm sure you've gone for a walk and come back with a refreshed sense of, of creativity. And you've probably come up with ideas on those walks, because during those walks your mind can just kind of percolate, and things can happen, you know, ideas can bounce off of one another, you know.

You're not sitting behind your desk, you're in a new location—all that is stimulating to your brain, plus you're also kind of giving your brain a little bit of a rest. And during those rest periods, that's when the connections start to happen, when the brain starts to loosen up.

So again, think of your, think of your innovative brain like a golden retriever. Take it for a walk. You'll be boosting your creativity, you'll be boosting your innovation, you'll get a huge return on investment. And you'll get some exercise at the same time—come on, what's better than that?

I'm Bill Stainton. I'll be back next time with more ideas on how you can Turn Creativity into Money™.

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29-time Emmy Award winner and Hall of Fame keynote speaker Bill Stainton, CSP is an expert on Innovation, Creativity, and Breakthrough Thinking. He helps leaders and their teams come up with innovative solutions — on demand — to their most challenging problems.
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