How To Make Your Business Thrive Through A Crisis

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During times of crisis (like, say, a global pandemic), some organizations (businesses, community groups, associations, etc.) will fold, while others will flourish. This has been true throughout history.

So what is it that separates the two? Luck? Timing? A smile from the Fates?

My research shows that, more than anything else, one single trait makes the difference. One asset — which is completely free and is available to anyone — separates the organizations that ...

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In a Time of Crisis, You Need Innovation!

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There’s a good chance that the coronavirus — COVID-19 — is disrupting your business and your life. It’s certainly disrupting mine. As a keynote speaker on innovation, I work in the meetings industry. In other words, I work in an industry that is predicated on large numbers of people gathering together in a single place. And we all know how that’s going right now.

The disruption might be different in your world. Perhaps you’ve been affected by supply chain issues. If ...

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