Are You Listening To The Quiet People?

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Here’s a great time-saver for all of you leaders who are looking for innovative ideas from your team. Don’t bother listening to:

·     the quiet people
·     people who are new to the organization
·     lower-paid team members
·     lower-ranked team members
·     interns
·     introverts

These people never have good ideas. At least, that’s what you might conclude if you were a fly on the wall in a typical corporate team meeting.

If you were that fly, you’d be forgiven for concluding that the only ideas that matter ...

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How One Question Invented Bill Nye the Science Guy

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You all know Bill Nye the Science Guy. If you’re of a certain age, you grew up watching him on TV. If you’re beyond a certain age, your kids grew up watching him on TV. But did you know that Bill Nye the Science Guy was invented out of desperation on January 10, 1987? And it all happened because a low-paid comedy writer asked a different question.

Motivational Speaker Bill Stainton