It’s Showtime!

Leading High-Performance Teams in a High-Pressure World

Unforgettable Presentation. Unforgettable Message.

Life is not a dress rehearsal; neither is business. How would your organization be different if everyone stopped making excuses and started producing better results in every area of their lives? Not “later,” not “some day,” but now! Because when it’s showtime, all that matters is results. And in your business, as well as in your life, every day is showtime.

29-time Emmy Award-winning TV Executive Producer Bill Stainton has discovered that whether you’re producing an award-winning television show, an award-winning team, or an award-winning life, real results come down to three simple questions: What’s the show? Who’s the cast? Where’s the script?

Key Takeaways
  • You can’t produce a great show if you don’t know what the show is.
    What’s the show you’re trying to produce? What’s the outcome you want to achieve? Step one to producing a breakthrough result is to define the result you’re trying to produce.
  • If you leave your cast to chance, you leave your results to chance. Who are the people you need to have on your team in order to produce your result?
  • The quality of your script determines the quality of your show.
    Behind every great achievement is a great plan—a script, if you will. And just as a TV script is broken down into acts and scenes, your plan needs to be broken down into milestones and benchmarks.