Innovation: It’s Not Just For Innovators Anymore!

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Innovation: It’s not just for innovators anymore.

When I worked in a large TV station, we had a department that was called “Creative Services.” I always thought that was a bit strange. This was television, after all—aren’t ALL of us in “creative services”?

But so many people (and so many companies) go through life believing that “creativity” and “innovation” should be relegated to the “wacky few.” So many leaders seem to have an attitude of, “Don’t talk to me about innovation; that’s why we have THEM.”

Which is another way of saying, “Innovation? Not my department.”

This is the wrong approach—and it’s why I created a concept and blueprint called EveryDay Innovation. The foundational belief of EveryDay Innovation is that innovation, at its core, is nothing more than seeing a situation (problem/challenge/opportunity/etc.) and asking, “How can this be better?”

That’s it!

“How can this be better?”

Or, to really drive it home, “How can I make this better?”

In other words, you don’t have to invent the iPhone to be an innovator! You don’t have to work in the “Creative Services” department to ask, “How can I make this better?”

So for all of you senior-level leaders out there, I put this to you: What if everyone on your team looked at your business and asked the question, “How can I make this better?” Every. Day.

Innovation: It’s not just for innovators anymore.

It’s for all of us.


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29-time Emmy Award winner and Hall of Fame keynote speaker Bill Stainton, CSP is an expert on Innovation, Creativity, and Breakthrough Thinking. He helps leaders and their teams come up with innovative solutions — on demand — to their most challenging problems.
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