Booking Bill?

Motivational Speaker Bill StaintonAsk us how to get FREE books to give to your attendees!

These books are quick to read, great workplace gifts for your team, and are full of the incredibly successful business strategies of the Beatles!

Here are 10 more reasons to consider providing a copy of Bill’s book to each of your attendees:

  1. Audience members love to get autographed books (and Bill loves to sign them!)
  2. Books build credibility and celebrity value for your speakers (so you get more bang for your buck!)
  3. Nobody keeps the hats, pens, mugs, or T-shirts you were planning to spend all that money on anyway. (Be honest–don’t you throw all that stuff away when you get home?) They keep–and read–books!
  4. Quantity discounts save you a bunch of money. You get high perceived value for a relatively small investment.
  5. The learning continues long after the speech is over. (You’ve already made the investment to bring Bill to your conference, so why not make sure his message really hits home?)
  6. Fewer notes need to be taken, so audience members can focus more on the presentation itself.
  7. You look like a hero for getting everybody a book.
  8. The book expands on and develops the ideas in Bill’s presentation. If the presentation is the fabulous–and entertaining–appetizer, the book is the equally fabulous–and entertaining–main course.
  9. You can honor your sponsors or host organization with a customized sticker on each book (e.g., “Courtesy of [Sponsor’s Name]”).
  10. With enough notice, we can print a customized edition with a forward or special message from your Chairperson or President.

The VAST majority of hand-outs given to conference attendees are discarded without ever being utilized. Why not leave a solid, permanent takeaway in the hands of your primary message receivers at your next event?  It will be more impactful, and longer lasting as an educational resource.  There are even ways we can provide you with FREE books.  Just ask us how.

Hire Bill for your next event!