Crunch Time!

The Leader’s Guide to Producing Under Pressure

How To Be Your Best — When It Matters Most!

Why do some people choke in high-pressure situations, while others excel? And, more importantly, how can you become the one who excels?

For 15 years, 29-time Emmy Award winning Executive Producer and keynote speaker Bill Stainton produced under pressure — literally. As the Executive Producer of Seattle’s legendary comedy TV show Almost Live!, Bill and his team had to produce exceptional results — on demand — week after week after week. No excuses. Each week, when the clock hit 11:30pm, they had to go on the air in front of a million people with a new show. Not a second early. Not a second late. And their jobs depended on the outcome.

As leaders, your teams face high-pressure situations as well. How can you help them rise to the top when it matters most?

Let them learn from the best. Let them learn from someone who’s been there. Let them learn from Bill Stainton.

Key Takeaways
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  • Discover the crucial mindset shift that determines whether you will choke or thrive under pressure.
  • Learn 3 key things to do before, and 3 things to do during a pressure situation to produce peak results.
  • Apply—in real time—a vital high-pressure prep technique to your specific challenges.
  • Examine the myth that some people “rise to the occasion” and do their best work under pressure—and why this myth is good news for you.
  • Walk out with actionable strategies to be your best when it matters most.