• Ken Todd says:

    I remember Coach Grimm, and the sadness when he turned over the rains of the football team half way through my high school career. You are right, he made everybody feel special. I too was in the band. We always had an prominent spot in the stands, and cheered until we were horse. Your story is an important reminder that every piece of the puzzle is important, no matter how small.

  • Bill Stainton says:

    Thanks for the comment, Ken. Those were the days, weren’t they? Sitting in the stands with the band, cheering on the Bucks!

  • Eric Johnson says:

    We were at CV together. Your were a year ahead of me, but I was in the band too. I can’t say that I remember that specific incident, but I don’t doubt for a minute that it happened. Art Grimm was not only a great teacher and coach, but he was a family friend. I’m happy to see that you’ve experienced such success. With writing like this, I predict that will continue. Best wishes.

    • Bill Stainton says:

      He was a good one, wasn’t he, Eric? Although I can’t say that Art was a family friend, my family and his did go to the same church, so I was able to interact with him outside of CV. He was, in my experience, always a man of decency and integrity (and a hell of a football coach!). That’s so cool that you were able to call him a family friend. So, as a fellow band member, I have to ask–do you still play?

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