Bill’s Introduction Script

Bill Stainton (STAYN-tun) Introduction

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be one of The Beatles…or at least to have that kind of success? Our speaker today—an admitted Beatle fanatic—says that the secrets to The Beatles’ success can be the secrets to your success as well!

Bill Stainton is an internationally recognized expert on The Beatles. In addition to numerous research trips to London and Liverpool, he was the creator and host of Seattle’s original “Breakfast With The Beatles” radio show…and he’s the author of The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made: A Handbook for “Top of the Charts” Success. [Hold up book] He’s met a number of key players in The Beatles’ story…including two of The Beatles. And while Bill would hate to draw any conclusions from this, he would like to point out that the two Beatles he’s met…are still alive!

In addition to being a Beatles expert, Bill was also the Executive Producer of Seattle’s long-running comedy television show, Almost Live!. During that time, Bill won 29 Emmy Awards…thus shattering his dream of winning THIRTY Emmy Awards. Almost Live! was on the air 15 years, and was number one in its time slot for ten straight years. Clearly, Bill knows something about both The Beatles…and success. Today he’s going to talk with us about “The 5 Best Decisions The Beatles Ever Made…and Why You Should Make Them Too!” Please join me in welcoming…Bill Stainton!

[lead audience in applause]

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