You’ve Booked Bill! What’s Next?

We’re looking forward to working with you to make your event the best ever! On this page you’ll find a timeline with virtually everything you might need to get maximum impact from your investment. Take a look, follow the links, fill out a form or two, and then on the day of your event just sit back and enjoy the fun!

At the time of hiring...


We will send you an Agreement Letter which outlines the details of the engagement. Once you receive it, please sign it and send it back to us as soon as possible. (Both the signed agreement and deposit are required in order for the date to be truly "locked and loaded"!) If you prefer, you can scan the signed contract and send it back to us by email.


A deposit check for 50% of the speaking fee is required to secure the date for your event. (Engagements booked through a speakers bureau may differ.)
Within two weeks of hiring...

Marketing Materials

You've got Bill confirmed for your event, so now it's time to think about the marketing materials that will introduce Bill to your attendees. First, you'll probably want to download one of more of Bill's photos for your program and/or press material. Next, click here to select one of Bill's bios (there are several lengths that you can choose from).

Pre-Program Tailoring Form

Bill customizes each and every program. One of his primary tools for this purpose is his Pre-Program Tailoring Form. You can fill out the entire form online (that's the easiest way!), or, if you'd prefer, you also have the option to download the form in either PDF or Word formats. Please fill out the form as completely as possible (and feel free to pass the link on to others whose input you feel could be valuable). The more detailed your answers are, the more fine-tuned Bill's presentation will be!

Research Materials and Contacts

Please send a current issue (as well as one or two back issues, if you have them) of any trade publications, newsletters, and reports that you feel might help Bill with his research. Bill's address is:

4522 131st Place SW
Mukilteo, WA 98275
(NOTE: Bill is not responsible for the ridiculous name of the town. He just lives there.)

Also, please email Bill with the contact information for five to seven representative members of the audience that he can call for further perspective.

Technical Requirements

Bill's technical requirements vary depending on which program he'll be delivering. He'll go over the specifics for your event during the Pre-Program Briefing Call. Typically, though, the requirements will be the ones found here. You'll also find a link on this page to download a PDF of Bill's technical requirements. We encourage you to do this, and then send the PDF to your A/V contact at the event venue.

Hotel and Travel

Hotel reservations (at the same venue as the speaking engagement, if possible), are to be made by the client and billed directly to the client's account. Bill's not picky (except that the room must be non-smoking), although he'd prefer a king or queen room away from the noise of the elevators. Please send us the confirmation number when you have it.

We'll take care of booking Bill's travel (he generally flies economy on United out of Seattle), and will send you the details as soon as we have them.
One month before the event (we're getting close!)...

Double Check on Bill's Pre-Program Tailoring Form

If you haven't yet completed Bill's Pre-Program Tailoring Form, this is the time to do it! For your convenience, the entire form can be filled out online!

Pre-Event Briefing Call

To further customize his program, and to stay up to date on any recent developments or changes, Bill will want to have a brief (say, 20-30 minute) pre-event briefing call with you. We'll contact you about a month before your event so we can set up this call for you and Bill. During this call, Bill will want to re-confirm your objectives and those of your attendees, as well as go over any remaining technical details.

Final Invoice

With the exception of events booked through a speakers bureau, we'll send you the final invoice for the balance of the speaking fee, as well as any expenses to date, approximately one month before the engagement. As confirmed in the agreement letter, this amount is due in full upon Bill's arrival at the venue.
The Day Before and the Day Of!

Arrival at the Hotel

Bill's first call upon his arrival at the hotel will be to you, using the cell phone number you indicated on the Pre-Program Tailoring Form. At this point, you have about a thousand other items on your "Things to Worry About" list, and we want you to be able to cross off "Has the speaker arrived?" as soon as possible!

Tech Check

Bill will want to do a complete A/V check when the room is empty, at least one hour before his presentation. He'll have already discussed the timing of this A/V check with you during the Pre-Event Briefing Call; we're just including it here to be complete.

Anything Else You Need?

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please feel free to contact us. When possible, Bill will speak with you directly, Keep in mind, however, that he spends a great deal of his time in airplanes or on stage, and some of Bill's clients get a little testy about him taking phone calls in the middle of a presentation. Generally, your best bet is to contact Jeff Jacob, our Director of Keeping Bill On the Road and Out of Trouble. You can reach Jeff by email at or by phone at 615-974-0225.

That’s it! You can now sit back and relax—it’s Bill’s turn!