Additional Services

One or more keynotes and an agenda full of breakout sessions may form the lion’s share of your event, but many of today’s meetings include other elements as well. Why not make your job easier — and save money as well! — by letting Bill handle some of these additional services:

Awards Presentation Emcee
If your meeting includes an awards presentation or other banquet event, you'll no doubt need a Master of Ceremonies. Rather than just assign this job to the highest ranking person -- or, worse yet, to somebody who feels that this part of the meeting is all about them -- why not let a pro do the job? Bill is an experienced emcee who will entertain your audience (would you expect anything less from somebody who's won 29 Emmy Awards for Comedy?) while keeping things running smoothly and on time. Just as important, he'll shine the spotlight where it belongs: on your award recipients and honorees!
Talk Show Host/Interviewer
Would you like to have your president, CEO, or executive committee interviewed on stage by a professional? Somebody who knows how to be tactful, diplomatic, and respectful -- while still asking the questions your audience wants to have answered? This can be a particularly effective format for senior leaders who may not be comfortable delivering a "solo" presentation. It's much less pressure for them, but still gives them a platform to shine. As a former talk show producer, Bill knows how to do the research and "pre-interviewing" necessary to put his guests at ease and create a polished show!
Presentation Skills "Crash Course" Coach
Bill makes his living by speaking in front of audiences. The executives and/or industry experts on your agenda may not. But you still want them to do the best job possible in front of your attendees, right? So why not bring Bill in a day early for a special, pre-conference "crash course" in presentation skills? While this one or two hour session (your choice) may not be enough to turn your non-professional speakers into seasoned pros, it will help them take their speaking skills to a new level so that they can get their important messages across to your audience much more effectively!

Save travel and other expenses by having Bill do “double duty” at your event!


Contact Bill about your next event

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