“You were a smashing success! There have been so many comments about how much they enjoyed your presentation, but for me the best indication was that you had them participating, contributing ideas and, of course, the outright guffaws. I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen the entire group laughing!”

Terry Moreman
Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce

“If Jerry Seinfeld were a Business Speaker, he’d be Bill Stainton!”

Jo Ann Prazak, President
Institute for Supply Management

“Bill Stainton was terrific—funny, interesting, and entertaining. He provided fun facts regarding the Beatles and application of their success for us to use now.”

Barbara Hensley
Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe

“I was impressed with the comments our attendees made as they left the meeting. They were having fun discussing The Beatles and trivia, but most of the comments centered on the content of the presentation. I heard comments such as, ‘I was inspired to go back and see how effective my organization is in making these decisions,’ and ‘I’ve always known we need to have a vision, but this put it in a context that brought it home for me.’ I also heard comments such as, ‘Great speaker!,’ ‘Best meeting we’ve ever had!,’ and ‘This guy had my attention from start to finish!’ We can’t ask for more than that!”

Lynn Robbins
Program Director
Lake Washington Human Resource Association

“Bill Stainton’s presentation exceeded our expectations! He packaged a high impact message into a compelling, entertaining, memorable hour that held the attention of our entire employee team. During the break immediately following Mr. Stainton’s program, the room was abuzz about the incredible accomplishments of the Beatles and how their 5 major decisions could be applied in our organization. His knowledge, ability to articulate, keen wit, and creativity truly set Bill apart from other motivational speakers we have used in the past.”

Jim Tavary
Prosser Memorial Hospital

“Bill Stainton is an amazing professional speaker. After his presentation on “The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made,” our attendees claimed it was the best presentation they’d ever seen. Our event was a resounding success, all because of Bill and his expertise and enthusiasm. Everyone is asking for us to bring Bill back again.”

Jay Raish, Executive Secretary
Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals

“I really enjoyed Bill’s presentation concerning The Beatles. It was informative and entertaining, with some hard hitting realities on management and leadership qualities that makes it relevant to today’s business climate. Since the presentation, I keep a copy of the “5 Decisions” on my desk.”

Ronald S. Grasgreen
WestCoast Hotels

“Your points were so on-target for both me and my team that I found myself wondering, ‘Has this guy been hiding out at our staff meetings?”

Ivan J. Gilreath
ING Employee Benefits
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Bill’s extraordinary knowledge about the Beatles and his passion for this subject were evident, and he was able to convey his message in an entertaining and educational manner, with just the right amount of humor and audience participation.”

Mary Rosen
International Assoc. of Administrative Professionals

“Baby, you can drive my car…your presentation rocked! I wish you could have talked longer. Fascinating.”

Nancy Kincl
Vulcan Capital

“Not only does Bill know everything about The Beatles (we couldn’t stump him…and we tried!), but he also knows how to translate their success to the world of business. It’s a surprisingly good mix. The thought-provoking business messages make his presentation valuable; the Beatles stories make it fun!”

Lauriann Reynolds
PEMCO Mutual Insurance

“Your keynote was a great way to start the morning! You took a bunch of sleepy financial people and turned them into rock stars! By kicking their brains into high gear, you made them much more receptive to the messages delivered by each of our other presenters throughout the conference!”

Mark Torrison, Vice President
Legal Access Plans, LLC

“Loved his presentation—it was so much more than I expected. I appreciated the fact that Bill included current information as well.”

Margie Byrne
Federal Reserve Bank

“I think lawyers must be one of the toughest crowds around when you are trying to entertain AND teach AND motivate. But Bill had them eating out of the palm of his hand!! We used Bill’s “The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made” book and presentation as the jumping off point for our business planning meeting. Our entire agenda and meeting revolved around the five decisions–incorporating them into your practice and business plans. What a huge success!! Many, many attendees (yes, LAWYERS) said it was the best, most productive, and most motivational firm meeting they had ever attended. TOP OF THE CHARTS!! Thank you Bill!!!!”

Denise K. Drake
Senior Partner
Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP

“Bill was funny, inspiring, and connected well with the audience. Whether one is a Beatles fan or not, his message found a way to make one laugh, smile, and reflect.”

Sarah Applegate
Washington Library Media Association

“An informative program that appeals to all ages and to any organization.Practical, yet entertaining. By far our best program of the year!”

Ellen Callahan
Seattle Housing Authority

“Bill’s high-energy presentation was the perfect way to cap off our annual W.A.C.E. Conference. The points he made in The Five Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made…and Why You Should Make Them Too! are ones that all chamber executives and their members should hear!”

Dave Kilby
Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E.)

“Imagine…bringing a Beatles expert to your company. It’s easy if you try. And I did. As a communications consultant, I’m retained to find speakers who have messages for my clients that their management and employees will benefit from and actually enjoy hearing. They’ve had their fill of motivational messages. They want somethingtruly unique. Bill Stainton’s The 5 Best Decisions The Beatles Ever Made…and Why You Should Make Them Too! presentation achieves that, and more. It’s interesting, intriguing, compelling, and engaging. You learn what the best in the business did…and how it also makes sense for your business. Plus, you’ll learn all over again why you so enjoy hearing Twist and Shout.”

Brian Walter
The Effectiveness Institute

“I thoroughly enjoyed Bill’s keynote presentation at our annual W.A.C.E. Conference, and I think he’d be a wonderful fit for any other Chamber Executive meetings. This would also be a perfect presentation to add energy, fun—and some great leadership tips—to a Chamber Membership banquet, because the appeal cuts across all industries and all generations!”

Diane Schwenke
Chair-Elect, Western Assoc. of Chamber Executives
President/CEO, Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce
Grand Junction, Colorado

“Bill did an outstanding job at our annual banquet—his Beatles presentation was an absolute highlight with humor and audience participation wrapped around a great message for all walks of life! I would not hesitate to recommend him to other Chamber or Association membership events.”

Jerry Huffman
CCE, Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce
Lufkin, Texas

“Your presentation, The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made…and Why You Should Make Them Too!, was the perfect way for us to open our conference! You set an energetic, upbeat tone, gave the audience some great ideas to think about, and got them excited about the rest of the conference. I heard nothing but great comments. Your keynote set the stage for a very successful event!”

Greg Carlile
Executive Director
Mass Marketing Insurance Institute
Kansas City, MO

“What a fabulous closing for the 20th anniversary celebration of the Protocol School of Washington (D.C.). I truly sat on the edge of my chair throughout the entire program. I laughed until I did not think I could laugh anymore. Your message was wonderful and served the entire room. Thank you for an over the top closer! I have shared bits of your presentation with so many that I have lost count!”

Debra Lassiter
The Etiquette and Leadership Institute