Bill Stainton’s Media Center

Bill would be happy to be a guest on your television or radio program, or contribute to your print publication. His fifteen years as a television performer and five years as the host of his own radio show means he knows what it takes to be a funny and engaging guest. He also knows that it’s not all about him; his goal, like yours, is to provide entertainment and real value for your audience.

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[/box]As one of Seattle’s Top Motivational Speakers, Bill is available for interviews in any of these areas of expertise:

  • The Beatles’ success — Why are they still so popular? Why do we still care? How did they rise above the competition? What can the rest of us learn from their success? What are the decisions they made that can help us achieve that kind of success? Bill literally wrote the book on the subject.
  • All-purpose Beatles expert — Bill’s primary expertise is the Beatles’ success, but he is extremely well-versed in any aspect of the Beatles career, from their music to their place in history to their current trials and tribulations. It seems there’s always something Beatles-related in the news, and you can count on Bill for an entertaining and insightful take on it!
  • Humor and stress relief — Bill spent fifteen years as the producer of a #1-rated comedy television show. He has studied humor from every possible angle, and spends a significant portion of his time helping organizations and individuals use the secrets of professional comedy writers to overcome stress. He can offer quick, bite-sized “stress tips” that your audience can use immediately.
  • Innovation and creativity — What does it take to have a good idea? Can anybody be creative, or is it a gift reserved for a few? How can we tap into our innate, innovative brain? For nearly two decades Bill has worked with and lead highly creative teams in a number of fields, and he’s learned the secrets to lighting the innovative sparks of even the most “non-creative” among us.

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