Unleash Your

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What if everyone on your team looked at your business and asked the question,
"How can I make this better?"

Keynotes, workshops, and coaching programs that
make innovation easy

Does this sound like you, your team, or your attendees?

  • You've achieved remarkable success, but aren't sure how to keep the momentum going
  • You want to establish yourself as one of the "movers and shakers" within your industry
  • Your customers' needs have changed, and you need to stay relevant
  • You're looking for a unique competitive advantage

Innovation in 3 Easy Steps:



This stage is called Ideation. It's about coming up with lots and lots of ideas (light bulbs) — and THAT'S IT! No judging, no 2nd guessing, no criticizing. Bill's techniques will have you and your team coming up with dozens of ideas — faster than you ever thought possible!



This is where we begin the process of Evaluation. During this stage, you and your team will focus (like a camera) on the highest value ideas from the dozens you've generated. You'll narrow them down to no more than 3 (preferably 1) that you'll take to the next stage.



This is Implementation (action), where the rubber hits the road. You and your team have generated dozens of ideas, and focused in on the very few (or one) that will move the needle. Now it's time to formulate a game plan for bringing it into reality.


...being seen as the leader whose team consistently comes up with the innovative ideas that really move the needle!

Which service is right for you?

Customized Keynote

Bill is a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker (one of fewer than 250 ever!), so you know that your customized keynote will be energizing, enlightening, and highly entertaining!

Innovation Lab

Innovation Labs and Workshops

During Bill's practical and interactive Labs and Workshops, you'll roll up your sleeves and apply his proven, field-tested techniques directly to your own challenges and opportunities!

Virtual Innovation Programs

1-on-1 and Team Coaching

If you're serious about building a culture of innovation for you and your team so that you can get continuous results, then you should consider one of Bill's deep-dive coaching programs!

We get it — innovation seems complicated

29-time Emmy® Award winner Bill Stainton led his highly-innovative team to unprecedented results. He knows how to make innovation easy, engaging, and entertaining for you and your team.

It only took a minute before I could tell Bill had the audience hooked! He gave the audience energy, they laughed out loud, and they were engaged. Bill took the time to really understand what we were looking for. If leadership and innovation is your topic, Bill is your person!

Sarah Lee

CEO, Th!nk Dutchess Alliance for Business

Bill delivered more energy, engagement, and sheer value in a 20-minute virtual program than many speakers do in an hour, in-person! He combined real-world experience, compelling stories, and engaging activities...that got rave reviews from our members!

Beth Knox

President, Seattle Sports Commission

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