Why Hire Bill Stainton for Your Next Program?

Planning an event isn’t rocket science. It’s harder. You have to be the master of 1,001 details—everything from negotiating the hotel room block to deciding on the typeface for the program. After so much planning and effort, the last thing you need is a speaker who makes your attendees yawn, shrug their shoulders, and think, “Hmmm—I guess it’s going to be another one of those meetings.” A speaker like that can kill your event before it even gets off the ground.

Bill Stainton is a humorous keynote speaker will will help attendees focus on leadership, teamwork, and creativityWhat if, instead, you could get the attendees to think, “This is fantastic! This is hilarious! I’m so glad I’m here!”

That’s the response Bill Stainton routinely gets. He spent fifteen years in front of the cameras of the top-rated local comedy TV show in the country—Seattle’s legendary Almost Live!—so he knows how to entertain an audience. Moreover, as a multiple business owner with 20 years of management experience, and the Executive Producer of that same #1 rated TV show, Bill knows the secrets of leading a team to the top.

Your choice of speaker can make or break your event. Choose a speaker who will make your attendees think, “This is fantastic! This is hilarious! I’m so glad I’m here!” Choose Bill Stainton.

What Sets Bill Apart from Other SpeakersWhat It Means for
Your Attendees
What It Means for You

Bill has won 29 Emmy Awards for Comedy. No other speaker working today even comes close to this result.

  • They'll laugh a lot because Bill is really, really funny!

  • Because laughing has been shown to improve alertness, creativity, and memory, they'll actually get more out of the rest of the agenda.

  • When they're laughing, they're reinforcing and validating the good decision they made to attend this event!
  • You'll get the credit for the laughs, because you're the one who brought Bill in!

  • You'll get the prestige (and marketing power) of presenting a 29-time Emmy Award Winner to your attendees!

  • You can start to relax! When you hear your attendees laughing, it's proof that they're having a good time!

  • Subsequent breakout presenters will thank you as attendees enter their sessions laughing, energized, and ready to learn!

Bill is, literally, an Executive Producer. He had a long (20 years) and successful (29 Emmys) career as a Television Producer (and a writer and performer as well!). And his team won more than 100 Emmys!

  • They'll get messages about leadership, creativity, and profit from somebody who delivered all three, every week, for 20 years.

  • They'll be hearing from somebody who was actually in the field, producing real results--not just somebody who's read some books.

  • They'll be learning about leadership and teamwork from somebody who's actually led a team!
  • You'll be working with a speaker who understands what it takes to produce an amazing event, so you're not just getting a speaker, you're getting a producing partner.

  • You can be confident that your speaker knows his stuff. 29 Emmys and 10 straight years of #1 ratings is a lot of credibility!

  • Multiple theming options for your event: TV, Show Biz, Awards, Red Carpet, etc.

Bill has true "insider" stories from, and about, people your attendees know and like: Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Jay Leno.

  • They get to go "behind the scenes" with some of their favorite stars.

  • They'll be part of an elite group, privy to "inside" stories that most other people don't know!

  • They'll find out what these celebrities are really like--from somebody who really knows!
  • These big names (and their photos) can now be a part of your marketing without having to pay "big name" fees!

  • Everybody loves "insider" celebrity stories, so you can be sure that your attendees will be alert and paying attention!

Bill is one of the world's foremost experts on the Beatles, and literally wrote the book on their success.

  • They'll get a multi-media presentation, combining music, video, and audience participation with relevant takeaways.

  • They (well, some of them) will be in heaven remembering "where they were when..." as they re-live the greatest music of their lives.

  • They'll get a nice break from "business, business, business" as they learn some great business messages.
  • You'll get the thanks for bringing such a fun, different, yet amazingly relevant program to the conference!

  • Again, some great theming options: Beatles, rock and roll, 60s, etc.!

  • You can be the hero by providing a copy of Bill's book for each attendee.

  • You can capitalize on the universal appeal of the Beatles as you market your event.

Hire Bill for your next event!